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Deanna is the brains behind Wellness Social Media: a social media management agency dedicated to health, wellness and medical professionals.

With over a decade in the Health and Wellness  industry, and the co-owner of group of chiropractic health practices, Deanna saw the social media industry explode (along with the rest of the world, let’s be honest!) with a myriad of agencies offering to help businesses grow their social media presence online.

The healthcare industry of course, was not immune. However, she struggled to find help from an agency that understood her industry. They knew all the in’s and out’s about social media, but knew nothing about her passion in healthcare. It took the two to tango, and one without the other, was simply not going to cut it.

Social Media for healthcare professionals differ greatly from other businesses. Because not only does it provide a great platform for personal marketing, it serves as an opportunity for the health professional to interact and attract new patients, build their credibility, and increase their patient loyalty.  In today’s ever changing digital world, your clients are using a myriad of social media platforms and online tools to learn about their health and wellbeing. Social media are therefore at the forefront of how your clients are learning, measuring, and maintaining their own health.

We at Wellness Social Media are here to add value to your services, and ensure your online presence will foster a greater growth for your business, without risking liability. Our knowledge in social media and our wealth of experience in the health and wellness industry makes us uniquely qualified to add that extra “OMPF” to your online presence.

Outsource this often neglected aspect of your business now to us experts (within both the fields), and spend more time focusing on the more important things for your business.