Wellness Social Media | The Course
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The Course

Want the help and knowledge but not the price tag?


Well, guess what?


We’re putting everything we do with our social media management clients, into a course!


That’s right, all of know how there for you to work through and implement in your business.


In the course we cover online basics, generating traffic, social media, search engine optimisation, blogging, email marketing and generating sales and additional revenue streams.


This is the course that we wished we had when starting online. The aim is to help you put all the puzzle pieces of being online together so you can make your online efforts work better for your business, even if you have no idea at the moment!


Trust us, you’ll know where you need to put your time and effort so everything you do is helping you move the needle in your business!


On top of that, you’ll have access to the Wellness Social Media Facebook group for support and to hang out with like-minded biz owners in the health space.


We’re currently aiming to launch in in 2020 so make sure you get on the list to be the first to know! Hint hint- there will be a beta release first to the email list at a heavily reduced rate!!