Wellness Social Media | How to Create Customised Tabs on your Facebook Page
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How to Create Customised Tabs on your Facebook Page

I recently had a lovely subscriber ask a great question. How do I customise  my Facebook tabs?

It’s a bit of a process but it allows you to create your own tabs, like having one for your blog, email sign up or like in this case, for recipes.

Here is a step-by-step guide to doing in.

Go to woobox.com, sign up and select ‘Static Tabs’

Select HTML Fangate tab.

Click + Create a new tab and select HMTL Fangate Tab
Where it says Page Source, select URL and click. Pop the URL in and hit Save.

Go to the menu on the left and select Tab Settings. You can give your tab a name.

​You can also add tabs for your other social channels this way too.

Then go into your Facebook settings and move them around in the order you want them.

I hope this was helpful!


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