Wellness Social Media | The Mummy Juggle: Simple Self Care Tips.
Balancing children, home life, business and taking care of yourself is tough, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your own wellbeing. Learn some simple tips to help protect your wellbeing, so you don’t experience burnout.
self care tips
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The Mummy Juggle: Simple Self Care Tips.

The juggle is real for all mums, we have heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Balancing kids, home life, career/business and taking care of yourself is tough, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your own wellbeing. So, what are some strategies that you can adopt to help protect your wellbeing, so you don’t experience mama burnout? 


  1. Slow down – This may seem counterproductive, but making the conscious effort to be mindful and present throughout your day will help you to focus on the present moment and not get caught up in the one million and one things you must do tomorrow, this week or next month! This can also help to calm your mind in stressful situations, which has a flow-on effect for the rest of your body. 
  2. Get enough sleep – This is easier said than done for mums, but prioritising your sleep and ensuring that you are switching off at a reasonable hour each night allows you to have a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.  
  3. Know your limits – Both personally and professionally, listen to your body and know when you are about to take on too much. Outsource, this doesn’t have to be a dirty word. But if you think you are or are about to take on too much, perhaps think about what it is, in your business or home life that you can outsource. Some suggestions might be hiring a cleaner to free up mental space and time allowing you to focus on the things that are important to you. 
  4. Schedule – Prioritising your ‘me time’ is so important, particularly as a mum, we quite often put ourselves last without even really thinking about it. By scheduling in your alone time in the calendar, and making sure that your family are aware of those appointments helps to reduce the guilt, and you are more likely to keep those appointments. Treat those appointments as importantly as you would any other. This is your time to recharge. 
  5. Plan ahead – Scheduling those self-care appointments in advance, and be aware of particular times of year when you know things are busy or if you know a pattern of illness within yourself throughout the year. Ramping up your self-care appointments in advance will reduce the likelihood of burnout, and will help you to cope with those busier months. 


There you have it, planning and prioritising is the key to managing your wellbeing whilst you take on the world. 

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