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We know how hard it can be when you’re just starting out!


You’ve got a million things to do in the business, often involving setting up a whole practice and premise. The digital side of your business might be something that just seems so overwhelming and beyond your skill set at the moment.


Not only that but it can seem downright boring. After all, your passion is in health and wellness, not websites, Facebook and email marketing!


At Wellness Social Media we take a holistic approach to businesses, we don’t just look at your social media in isolation. We want your whole presence to work for your business. It’s your shop front while you are seeing clients, working in your business or while you’re sleeping!


You need to make sure it’s working hard for you, it’s actually your cheapest employee!


Starting out on the right foot takes the overwhelm out and gets your business set up properly from the beginning. When we’re setting up clients websites, we’re thinking about their overall business. How we can best represent your business in the online space and attract your ideal clients and customers. You know the ones, they fuel your passion and make you love what you do even more!

Here’s what’s included in our website package:


  • A fully functioning, responsive 5 page (Home, Services, About, Contact Us and Blog) WordPress website, including your domain and 12 months of hosting.
  • Logo and branding for your website.
  • Professionally written Home, Services and About pages.
  • Set up of your Woocomerce shop.
  • Integrate your scheduling software and booking system if applicable.
  • Set up your social media accounts. We set them up and optimise them for your business.
    • Instagram – we create your profile, profile picture and research 30 hashtags for your business
    • Facebook – we set up your page for your business, create your about section, profile picture and header image.
    • Pinterest – we set up 10 boards with branded board covers, write your profile and create your profile picture.
  • We will create a content calendar for your Facebook and Instagram accounts so you know what you need to do to get started!
  • Set up your email marketing – we set up your Mailchimp account and create opt-in forms on your website.
  • We use beautiful stock images from Wellness Stock Shop.


On top of all that we create websites that you can maintain and update yourself. If you want to change something, no problem we’ll teach you what to do. You don’t need to keep running back to us (and pay more money) to do it for you. We promise that even if you aren’t overly tech-savvy, you’ll be able to and become confident in making changes yourself.


Hint – you’ll have access to us in the Facebook group where you can ask all the questions you need!


Investment: $5500