Wellness Social Media | Facebook Advertising Tips for Wellness Businesses
Facebook advertising is an effective marketing tool for businesses in the health and wellness industry. Read the tips to ensure you make the most of your Facebook advertising.
facebook advertising
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Facebook Advertising Tips for Wellness Businesses

Facebook advertising can be an effective and extremely valuable tool for any health and wellness marketing campaign. But, it’s important to remember that it is its own medium, therefore you need to take the time to really understand its unique strengths and challenges to really capitalise on its effectiveness.

This article will give you some basic, yet highly effective tips that you can start to implement immediately to step up your facebook advertising game.

1. Determine the Call to Action:

What is it that you want the user to do? Choose what makes sense for your campaign and use features like conversion pixel to track automatically. This is imperative to assess ROI for your advertising campaign.

Do you want your audience to visit a particular page? Sign up to your newsletter or complete a form?

2. Get Creative:

Take the time to create persuasive copy, short and to the point. We want to limit the amount of text, Facebook will penalise your ad if its too text heavy. It will still run your ad, but it is likely to be pushed way down the users news feed.

Ensure you have well curated images, not just overused stock images, or worse, a pdf of a brochure or flyer. People don’t log onto Facebook to be sold something, so for someone to click on an ad, it needs to be highly engaging content.

Video is far more engaging, it doesn’t need to be professionally developed, there are some amazing, free and user friendly apps and software available that allows you to layer text, images and music to produce a seamless video that helps to improve the users experience.

3. Tell a Story:

Engage with the hearts of your audience before you engage their minds. Remember what we said above? We don’t usually log onto Facebook to be sold something, so stepping out of the mind of a health care professional, and into the minds of your audience will allow you to connect more authentically and create emotional connections with your audience. Stay away from typical in-your-face offers like “Step into Spring”, you want to leave a lasting impression and draw your audience in so they remember your wellness business.

4. Message Alignment:

Businesses are really stepping up their advertising game these days, creating highly engaging content that can be targeted to a specific audience. Align your message and your audience, make sure they are in sync. The “one size fits all” generic messages, just aren’t effective these days.

5. Personal Characteristics Rule & AHPRA Advertising Guidelines:

When creating content for your advertisement, be careful not to trigger Facebook rules that limit mentioning of personal characteristics. For example, an ad cannot imply that a viewer has a disability or physical or mental health issue. This can be tricky to navigate since many wellness businesses are medically-oriented, provide healthcare, or work to help customers improve their own health through diet and exercise.

Restrictions also apply to the promotion of dietary or herbal supplements, and to MLM/network marketing businesses, which can sometimes affect wellness businesses that promote certain brands of supplements through affiliate arrangements.

Your business social media use, including Facebook advertising must adhere to the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines. Not sure what these are? You can check them out here.

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