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Social Media & Digital Solutions that will get your business in front of your ideal client, build trust and drive clients.


We are a dedicated social media agency with a health profession background, and we provide norm disruptive social media management services to health and wellness professionals. We therefore not only understand the unique world of social media, but we understand your needs as a health professional and will create personalised, pragmatic strategies and solutions to grow and maintain your online presence.



We take the stress out of not knowing how to build your overall social media presence. After we identify your goals, we develop a tailor made strategy for your business to help you achieve these goals. Each social media platform has it’s own unique audience and demographic, so we will pinpoint which is the most suitable for your brand. We develop an end to end strategy dedicated to your business, and we create content that will align with your business’s vision to share across your platforms.


Content creation is the development and sourcing of images, blog posts and videos. These will be used to maintain and grow your social  media presence. The content that is created for your brand will be consistent across all platforms and will also align with guidelines set by AHPRA.


On top of all that, we can look after your engagement. Community engagement is not only the communication between your followers but also making contact with potential clients and industry influencers. This is an essential, yet time consuming, part of your overall social media strategy. A social media presence is futile if you do not engage with your following. A steady, consistent community engagement will help you develop trust and loyalty within your following and booster your expertise within your specific industry.



We set the online aspect of your business. Our package is extensive and let’s you focus on your patients and clients while we look after the digital aspect.

For a full list of what’s included, click the link below.



We are currently working on an amazing membership option where we teach you what we know and you look after your social media, website, blog and email marketing yourself.

Stay tuned!