Wellness Social Media | The Importance of Your Social Media Presence
Building your brand awareness through social media marketing is an extremely powerful and cost-effective tool for health and wellness businesses. Read on to learn valuable tips to increase your social media presence.
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The Importance of Your Social Media Presence

Brand awareness is vital for building trust, lead generation and customer engagement and the more your potential customers are aware of your brand’s presence, mission, and values, the more you can gain their trust.

Building your brand awareness through social media marketing is an extremely powerful and cost-effective tool for health and wellness businesses. The most amazing fitness program or therapeutic service will still fail if no one knows your business exists, therefore marketing to survive and thrive is a must. Sign up to Wellness Social Media and grab your FREE e-book that will give you some tools and confidence to get out there and engage with your community.

Reaching your ideal customer base through social media marketing isn’t just about selling your products and services, in the health and wellness space it’s about extending a trusted hand to those in need. It’s about being a valuable resource and building trust before promotion.

In a Moz blog post, Bridget Randolph identifies the following stages of building consumer awareness:
1. Creating awareness of the need/problem.
2. Demonstrating the basic solution to that need/problem.
3. Selling your solution and your brand as the best version.

Building trust first instead of promoting can be accomplished through steps 1 & 2 by providing content that educates your potential customers. Step 3 is where you get to really talk about your brand.

Tips to increase your brand awareness:

• Social media marketing is not about saying what you want people to hear, but about hearing what people want you to say — then saying it. Understanding what your customers see as valuable, connecting that to your business, and reinforcing that value message throughout their online interaction with your brand.

• In the health and wellness industry, marketing only works when it’s authentic and distinctive. When people think about investing in a health service they draw on their life experiences, their internal self-talk and values. Marketing a health and wellness business is not the same as marketing an everyday essential item or piece of clothing. This means we need to consider the stages-of-change marketing PLUS all the conventional marketing tools that every industry needs.

• Sometimes the best person to lead a fitness business or teach a nutrition class is the person who’s struggled with it the most. Not being afraid to share personal challenges and how these have been overcome can really help to build an authentic and trustworthy relationship with your ideal customer base.

• Really think about what kind of language and personality (clinical, casual, informative, humorous) you want to come across, just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean your clients are. Tailor your language and the way your customers think about these topics accordingly.

• Try using the 70/30 rule; which means that for every ten posts, seven will be resourceful and helpful and only three will be promotional.

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