Wellness Social Media | Tips to Convert Your Social Media Traffic into New Client Bookings
Social media for wellness businesses. This article will take you through some basic tips to help guide you through converting your social media following into new client bookings.
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Tips to Convert Your Social Media Traffic into New Client Bookings

Successful health and wellness marketing isn’t like selling clothes or beauty products. It blends the stages-of-change marketing elements with traditional marketing know-how. Capturing new leads through social media can be challenging, but if you take the time to nurture your social media following, you then have the ability to convert those followers into valued customers.

This article will take you through some basic tips that will help guide you through the jungle that is social media marketing.

The first and most important step is to think strategically about your current lead generation process and your lead nurture program. Whilst often neglected in the world of social media, they are essential for capitilising on your social media traffic.

Consider the role that social media has in each of these processes, lead generation and lead nurture program, then take a look at these practical tips to turn your social media traffic into valued customers.

1. Valuable content

It’s not enough to set up your social media platforms, post about interesting topics and expect that followers will convert. If you are creating valuable content for current clients/patients (newsletters, guides, fact sheets), then there’s a chance that content is going to be valuable to a lot of your existing social media followers. Providing valuable content for your followers that is educative, and inspiring is a great way to move them through those stages of change.

2. A clear Call to Action

The valuable content you’re creating can be shared via your social media channels. Don’t be afraid to utilise that content as part of your call to action. Set up a landing page for your content to make it really clear on what it is you want the user to do. If you have an e-book, fact sheet or guide then use your social media channels to promote that content. Make it clear in your post what that content is and how they can find it (link directly to the landing page).

Once you drive that traffic to your landing page(s), make it super easy for them to hand over their valuable email address in exchange for that amazing content that you have waiting for them. Or, make it a ‘no brainer’ for them to submit that enquiry form, make that booking or buy the amazing product.

3. Nurture The Soft Leads.

After you have a follower commit to your valuable content you can then push them through your sales funnel and continue to nurture them with more valuable content and regular email contact. This nurturing will help support their decision to commit to your product or service.

4. Make use of Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook advertising as a way to re-target followers that have committed to your content is an extremely effective tool in your ‘nurture toolbox’ to guide those soft leads to eventually convert.

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